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“Cheating On My Wife… (Subscriber’s Story)”



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Just had this email in from long time subscriber J.T. from the UK.

Read it now.

I bet it’ll make you think about “infidelity” in a whole new way…

Check it out below



Yes. Jack, I‘m a dirty rotten CHEATER!

But not in the way you think…

I recently married my perfect woman. Absolute stunner. Great cook. Great sense of humour. Doesn’t nag. And never says “no” to sex ever! (What more could a man want, right?)

But in the last few months I’ve began suffering with ED. And to be blunt …

It’s destroying my life.

It’s getting so bad I went to see a urologist. And he gave me some “little blue pills”.

But I hated the whole idea of having to take a drug to perform my duties as a husband…

I was so turned off by having to secretly slip into the bathroom and take a pill half an hour in advance, and then wait for it to kick in. But I tried it anyway (without telling my wife), because I was desperate to save our marriage…

And although it sort of worked, the sex… it just didn’t feel right.

A few minutes into it, I could feel my blood pressure soaring and a pounding in my ears. I was stiff as a board, but I couldn’t climax no matter how long we went for, and afterwards, I was up all night with a headache.

After a few more awkward and uncomfortable pill-fueled sessions, my wife wanted to know what was up.

And so I reached into the nightstand…my face bright red from a combination of the blue pill and the burning shame and guilt I was feeling…and I showed her the pill bottle.

I felt like a cheater, because that’s basically what I was doing with my wife…


Taking pills behind her back, relying on a drug just to try to fake my way through sex with her.

I went straight to the bathroom, and after promising her and myself that I’d never take those pills anymore, I flushed the rest of them down the toilet.

What the heck was I doing? I needed to take drugs just to make love to my wife? The whole idea of it was humiliating for me, and downright insulting for her…

Look man. My life right now… is a nightmare!

And I don’t see ANY way out!


Your long time reader…



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ED Eliminator Review